The Philatelic Book of Secrets

A book to end the guess work about stamps

Ever wonder if your stamp has been re-gummed? Wonder at the meaning of the term "reperforated"? Or do you, like all collectors of stamps, simply want to be the best educated, the most learned as you possibly can be to better understand your hobby and protect your investment? The information you seek until now has been scattered far and in between in myriad locations, and often times are guarded secrets kept close by experts and dealers. But now, the Philatelic Book of Secrets is the ultimate all-in-one guide that will aid the collector, from casual to professional. The book includes many aspects of grading as well as many of the repairs, touchups, re-gums, forgeries, and other deceptions found in stamps today. Full color images taken under digital magnification offer clarity never before available to the general public. Part one of the book contains articles from top experts in the field and aid the collector in detecting repairs and forgeries. Part two is a comprehensive guide to stamp grading,fault identification, and much more.

Full Articles Including:

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The Beginnings of Grading

Brian Metz

Grading & Expertizing Scott

#10, 11, 25, 26 and varieties

Caj Brejtfus

U. S. Newspaper Stamps

Bruce McDonald

And Much More!!!


Priceless Knowledge

Full Color Illustrations

Details You Never Knew Existed

A concise collection of articles from some of the top industry experts.

This book features amazing photographic illustrations of postage stamps by crafty forgers.

Examples of some of the most exquisite repairs and deceptions never seen outside of the PSE office are IN THIS BOOK.

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